Resources For Your Church

Are you looking for ways to integrate lament into worship? Do you want to provide better care for those who are grieving in your congregation? These helpful resources can start important conversations in small groups and around the staff table about what it means to be a church that welcomes grief.

Looking for more help? I provide consulting services to pastors and churches looking to become death and grief-aware congregations. Contact me to learn more.

My Resources on Grief and the Church

Letting Grief Come to Church.” Christianity Today

This Easter, The Weary World Rejoices. But First It Grieves.” Christianity Today

Reading About Death and Grief with Children
My top picks for children who grieve and for their parents, church workers, teachers, and community leaders

What Is Normal In Grief?Grief Digest

The Gifts of Grief Brain.” Modern Loss

My Resources on Grief and COVID-19

“When Normal Disappears: Five Ways Parents Can Cope With the Pandemic’s Uncertainty.” Rooted Ministry

Trading Your Weakness for God’s Strength.” The Gospel Coalition

Bloom Where You’re Quarantined.Christianity Today

The Only Perfectly Safe Place to Be.The Gospel Coalition

Resources on Death and Dying
from my late husband, author Rob Moll

The Art of Dying: Living Fully Into the Life To Come

“A Culture of Resurrection” Christianity Today

“Dying Decisions: Should Relatives Intervene?” Christianity Today

“The Medical Hazards of Spiritual Care” Christianity Today

“Mourning as Gospel Drama” Christianity Today

A Resource on Forgiveness and Grief

Along the Way: Real Moments Touched by God (contributing writer)

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