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General Grief Support

Sharing my grief story with Love What Matters

“Prolonged Grief Disorder: New Diagnosis, Old Struggle.” The Gospel Coalition

“3 Ways to Lead Through Your Tears.” Propel Women

“How to Keep Looking for Gratitude When There’s Not an Easy Fix.” The Uncommon Normal

“4 Ways to Love Someone Blindsided by Loss.” The Gospel Coalition

What Is Normal In Grief?Grief Digest

The Gifts of Grief Brain.” Modern Loss

“Oceans of Emotions: Keeping Your Head Above Water When Grief Swells.” Elisa Morgan

“When You’re Waiting for Home.” The Gospel Coalition

“How to Walk Faithfully Through Suffering.” The Gospel Coalition

Grief & The Church

“Letting Grief Come to Church.” Christianity Today

“4 Ways Churches Can Help Grieving Children.” The Gospel Coalition

“Churches Are Putting the ‘Hospital’ Back in Hospitality.” Christianity Today

Grief & the Holidays

New Year “Not Greener Grass, But Sturdy Hope for 2021.” The Gospel Coalition
“New Year Hope from the Exodus Desert.” The Gospel Coalition

Valentine’s Day “The Extraordinary Cost of Lavish Love.” Christianity Today

Easter “This Easter, The Weary World Rejoices. But First It Grieves.” Christianity Today
Only One Tomb Empty.” The Gospel Coalition
“Don’t Skip the Scary: 3 Reasons Kids Need the Whole Easter Story.” Christian

Halloween “Have Yourself a Hallowed Halloween.” The Gospel Coalition

Thanksgiving “Don’t Let 2020 Stop Your Thanksgiving.” The Gospel Coalition
“How to Move from Grumbling to Gratitude.” The Gospel Coalition

Advent “A Word of Hope for the Exhausted.” The Gospel Coalition

Christmas “Joy to the (Grieving) World.” The Gospel Coalition

Grief & Parenting

“Three Tips for Managing Family Conflict as a Solo Parent.” Christian Parenting

“The Call and Challenge of Women’s Work.” The Gospel Coalition

“Guiding My Girls as a Solo Mom.” Christian Parenting

“Fixing Like the Father.” Rooted Ministry

“Dress Your Best for Jesus” The Gospel Coalition
2022 “Higher Goals Award” winner, Evangelical Press Association, 3rd place

“‘What Can I Give Him, Poor As I Am?’ Parenting When I Feel Inadequate.” Rooted Ministry

“When Normal Disappears: Five Ways Parents Can Cope With the Pandemic’s Uncertainty.” Rooted Ministry

“Sanctification by Homeschooling.” The Gospel Coalition
review: The Common Good Podcast

“Parenting Grieving Kids Through the Winter Doldrums.” Rooted Ministry

“How Do I Have a Spiritual Conversation with My Teenager?” Rooted Ministry

“A Day in the Life: Homeschooling Through Grief.” Practical Homeschooling

“Think About Such Things: Whatever is Pure.” The Gospel Coalition

Grief & Current Events

“Why I’m Going Back to Church After My Husband Died.” The Gospel Coalition

“How Shall We Now Grieve Abortion?” Christianity Today

“Life is Reopening. Why Am I Still So Sad?” The Gospel Coalition

“Four Reasons for a Pandemic Funeral.” Christianity Today

Trading Your Weakness for God’s Strength.” The Gospel Coalition
2021 “Higher Goals Award” winner, Evangelical Press Association, 3rd place

Bloom Where You’re Quarantined.” Christianity Today

“Saying No to ‘Maskshaming’.” RELEVANT Magazine

The Only Perfectly Safe Place to Be.” The Gospel Coalition

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