About Clarissa

Hi, my name is Clarissa,
and I’m a young widow.

Rob, my beloved husband of 17 years, died in a hiking accident in July 2019. I never expected my life would look like this — widowed with four young children to raise alone. I’m learning to discover grace in grief.

I can tell you all of the things I was before my husband’s death — a homeschool mom, a storyteller and fundraiser for nonprofits, a teacher. But grief is a powerful force, and it’s swiftly changing the contours of my entire life. The old landscape is eroding, but I don’t believe all is lost. I trust that, in God’s hands, grief can create something beautiful, even if its beauty is forever a stark reminder of what is absent.

God is present even in life’s darkest hours. As we walk with grief, Jesus walks beside us. We are not alone. We are loved beyond measure.

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Looking for a more “formal” introduction?

Clarissa Moll (MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is an author, a podcaster, and the young widow of author Rob Moll. Clarissa’s writing has appeared in Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, RELEVANT, Modern Loss, Grief Digest and more. Her husband’s first book, The Art of Dying, was released in April 2021 with Clarissa’s new afterword. Clarissa’s debut book, Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Walking with Grief and Thriving After Loss releases with Tyndale in 2022.

Clarissa co-hosts Christianity Today’s “Surprised by Grief” podcast and hosts the weekly Hope*Writers podcast. She lives a joyful life with her four children and rescue pups and proudly calls both New England and the Pacific Northwest home.

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