When You Sit at Home

Rob and I began homeschooling in 2011. This decision, initially made for practical reasons, has brought so much life and beauty to our family through the years. Homeschooling has been a place of solace as we process Rob’s death. It has also offered us numerous opportunities to practice our faith, to be shaped into people who look more like Jesus.

“Through the years, God has used homeschooling as an education for my own heart.” Today, I’m over at The Gospel Coalition talking about our family’s experience schooling at home. Check it out here!

Published by Clarissa Moll

Discovering grace in grief

2 thoughts on “When You Sit at Home

  1. Clarissa. What a beautiful voice is yours.   Keep writing.  I have just discovered your writing and am so helped by the way you express grace and truth.   I’m so sorry you have become a widow so early in your life, saying goodby to soon to your dear husband ,and your children’s daddy.I see so much beauty from ashes.🤲🙌🏻  Alison( your new friend in Columbus GA, 63, a wife,  mom, Mimi, friend, sister, child of the King)

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