Poetry Friday: “The Bench”

All of my life I’ve loved poetry. I memorized it throughout my childhood and college years for competitions. For seven years I taught public speaking at a Christian college in the Midwest, and I coached intercollegiate competitive speech (forensics) there as well. The first gift Rob ever gave me was a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Poetry is the language of the heart; it uniquely expresses our joys and sorrows. Welcome to “Poetry Fridays,” my curated collection of favorite poems that reflect on the richness of life in the midst of love and loss. Have a favorite you’d like to share? Send me a note!

The Bench

Peter Schmitt

It’s all like a bad riddle, our widow friend
said at the time.  If a tree falls in the woods
and kills your husband, what can you build from it?
That she was speaking quite literally
we did not know until the day months later
the bench arrived, filling that foyer space
in the house the neighbors pitched in to finish.
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