“I’m Headed Home”

Saturdays used to be for hiking. Even in the winter, Rob would long for the mountains. When it was too cold for the kids and me to join him, he’d head out alone. If you ask my children what their dad loved most, they’ll tell you “hiking and his family.” Hiking offered Rob precious time to think and connect with God.

I remember this winter hike well. Deep snow had fallen, and Rob was soaked by the time he got back to the trailhead. But the cold and wet didn’t dampen his spirits. He called me from the car raving about the views and letting me know all was well and he was on his way home.

I think of all of those calls he made from trailheads across America. All those years. All those safe returns. I never got a call the day he died. If he could have, I have no doubt he would have told me, “I had a great time. I’m headed Home now.”

Published by Clarissa Moll

Discovering grace in grief

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